Explicit School Materials Get Parents’ Attention

Oklahoma schools—in both rural and suburban districts—are providing students with sexually explicit materials and undermining parental rights in other ways, according to parents who have spoken out publicly at recent school board meetings.

The response from school officials has been mixed.

“If we had more accountability, didn’t have this type of material available, weren’t focused on controversial topics or forcing our children to ‘examine their lives’—which is a quote from a BPS (Bristow Public Schools) syllabus—our kids would be performing better,” said Kaycee Batschelett. “How many more kids must sit through a poor class listening to material that has nothing to do with their proper education or curriculum? How many more parents are going to discover, too late, that their child has been exposed by the school to material that should have been discussed in their home and/or with a counselor?”

Batschelett made those comments during this months’ meeting of the Bristow School Board, alongside other parents who complained the school is providing students with access to books of questionable academic and moral value without informing parents.

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