State Senate approves Unborn Person Wrongful Death Act

The Senate approved the Unborn Person Wrongful Death Act Thursday to address the pain and suffering of family members of babies whose lives are ended through abortion.  Sen. David Bullard, R-Durant, is the author of Senate Bill 1728, which modifies provisions relating to awarding damages resulting from wrongful death in cases of abortions performed under fraudulent circumstances. 

The bill authorizes parents and grandparents to recover damages relating to mental pain, anguish and pecuniary loss and holds the physician who performs the abortion fraudulently solely liable for the wrongful death.

Bullard said the bill has been a long time coming and thanked his colleagues for supporting the rights of Oklahoma’s families and remembering the innocent lives lost.

“With the passage of Senate Bill 1728, the Senate has taken a bold step in guaranteeing Oklahoma families their constitutional right to seek recourse through legal civil action to protect heir families from wrongful death.  Our federal and state constitutions as well as codified statutes guarantee every Oklahoma the right to civil recourse of wrongful death,” Bullard said. 

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