Senate Democrats Drop Hyde Amendment for First Time in Decades

Senate Democrats left out the Hyde Amendment from the annual funding bill they presented Monday, rupturing a decades-long bipartisan custom of including the amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions, in all such bills.

“The bill also did not include the Weldon amendment, which bars entities that don’t want to provide abortion care from being denied federal dollars, or an amendment to block federal funds from being used for abortions specifically in Washington, D.C.,” The Hill reported.

The move is a fulfillment of an unprecedented campaign by the Biden administration and its allies in Congress to do away with customary amendments, the foremost of which is Hyde, that protect against forcing American taxpayers to subsidize the abortion industry.

The Hyde Amendment has been attached to spending bills since it was first introduced shortly after the passage of Roe v. Wade, with both Democrats and Republicans supporting it. President Biden repeatedly committed himself to maintaining Hyde, but reversed his position in the leadup to taking office.

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