Opinion: Seven Reasons to Let Parents Choose

Access to a good education is something that every Oklahoma student should enjoy, not just a select few. It’s time for state lawmakers to allow per-student funding to follow the student to their school of choice, whether public or private.

Here are seven reasons why school freedom makes sense.

  1. Parents’ rights. “Education is child-rearing,” Greg Forster reminds us, “and it belongs to parents.” Parents—not government officials—have the right and the responsibility to raise their children in accordance with their consciences. Our political leaders have a duty to secure that right.

  2. Woke indoctrination. It’s 2021, and this is not your father’s public school. Middle-school students in Edmond were asked to provide their preferred pronouns. Tulsa includes “social justice” in its staff training, with teachers told to focus on “privilege and oppression.” The Oklahoma State Department of Education promotes Critical Race Theory-themed materials. An Oklahoma Teacher of the Year nominee says it is important to be supportive of children exploring transgender transition. Jenks directs parents to “social justice” materials. Sadly, the list of examples goes on and on—and will continue to grow regardless of how many legislative or school-board races conservatives win.

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