‘Shocked, sad, angry’; Law firm releases more new evidence in Glossip case

This week, a law firm released more new evidence that they say brings into question the guilt of Oklahoma death row inmate Richard Glossip.

“Shocked, sad, angry,” said Don Knight, Glossip’s attorney, when describing his feelings about the new findings. “Richard spent 25 years on death row now for a crime he didn’t commit and every single day, it seems we find out more information that just simply makes that more clear.”

The case goes back to 1997, when Glossip and Justin Sneed were convicted of killing Glossip’s boss and owner of the Best Budget Inn, Barry Van Treese. Sneed confessed to beating Van Treese with a bat.

“How do you tell your kids they’re never going to see their dad again?” Donna Van Treese told KFOR back in 2017.

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