Six takeaways from Gov. Kevin Stitt’s State of the State speech

Stitt is looking to increase the tax credit cap for the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship, which he hopes will encourage more individuals and businesses to contribute to non-profits providing scholarships. He wants to raise the cap from $5 million to $30 million.

Stitt emphasized his recently announced plan to expand Medicaid using a new Trump administration block grant option.

Stitt’s plan would require work requirements and moderate premiums to be paid by users. The governor said 180,000 Oklahomans would gain coverage under what he is calling SoonerCare 2.0. He encouraged legislators to fund the roughly $150 million of the state’s share of the expansion.

Stitt also said within the next few months, state health care agencies will take steps to create a statewide Health Information Exchange to “protect Oklahomans’ health records while ensuring these records are portable and accessible at all times.”

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