South Dakota Governor Issues Executive Order Restricting ‘Telemedicine’ Abortions

Gov. Kristi Noem, R-SD, has signed an executive order prohibiting the abortion industry from prescribing and selling abortion-inducing drugs online.

Under Noem’s new order, only licensed South Dakota doctors may prescribe abortion-inducing drugs, and then only after an in-person exam. In addition, the order dictated that the state collect data on harmful side effects of abortion-inducing pills such as mifepristone, and banned the prescription of abortion drugs online via telemedicine. The order also called for the creation of a new, more robust licensing process for doctors who want to provide abortion-inducing drugs.

Finally, the order banned the abortion industry from providing abortion-inducing drugs on school or state property, including colleges and universities.

The use of telemedicine, or online prescription services, to provide chemical abortion drugs has been a subject of increased controversy this year, as congressional Democrats have pushed to expand these abortion efforts in an effort to sidestep democratically-enacted pro-life laws.

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