SQ788 Passes Overwhelmingly, Time for Regulations

The big story from the June 26th primary was the overwhelming approval by voters of SQ788. We had hopes that the swing by Republican voters in the last few weeks would push numbers into the ‘no’ category. But there was no way to model for the deluge of voters who showed up to vote on that one issue. Nearly 900,000 voters marked the 788 ballot, while only 847,000 voters indicated a preference on a gubernatorial race. That means roughly 50,000 people showed up for one reason.

The State Health Department is now saddled with the task of implementing rules for how marijuana licenses will be applied for and granted. They will take up a framework previously put together during their meeting on July 10th But that still leaves a gaping hole in terms of statutory regulations.

Gov. Fallin previously indicated she may call a special session to consider emergency regulations. If that happens, the Catholic Conference will be advocating for at least three specific reforms:

1. Specific regulations that confine distribution to capsules so manufacture of medical marijuana can be controlled (similar to other states).

2. Tightened medical licensing requirements that will not allow anyone who has gone through limited medical training to write scripts.

3. Regulations that stipulate a strict set of medical circumstances that qualify ‘legitimate medical’ (not simply headaches or general ‘pain’).

4. Right-to-grow stipulations limited to those with medical conditions so severe that prescription refills will not suffice (virtually no one should qualify).

Watch Gov. Fallin’s response to the passage of 788.