Gov. Kevin Stitt has appointed a former Trump judicial nominee, longtime Tulsa attorney John O’Connor, to serve as the attorney general of Oklahoma.

O’Connor said he would work “with our governor and Legislature to bring honest, outstanding governance to Oklahomans” and expressed a willingness to fight in court to reverse some high-profile U.S. Supreme Court rulings in cases ranging from Oklahoma tribal reservations to abortion.

In particular, O’Connor said he will seek to have the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in McGirt v. Oklahoma overturned or limited.

“This is a very important case where the U.S. Supreme Court, in my opinion, has either made a very serious error or at least has written an opinion in a way that can be construed—I think unintentionally—in a very broad way,” O’Connor said. “The case was supposed to be limited to major federal crimes and criminal prosecution. It’s being used by various groups to expand that into civil actions, such as whether the state has the authority to levy taxes.”

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