Superintendent: Some Students May Have To Return To Remote Learning

As COVID-19 spikes, Tulsa Public Schools are set to return to in-person learning on August 19th.

Superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools Dr. Deborah Gist said in a press conference today TPS wants kids in schools, but there are factors that could drive a return to remote learning.

“We do not want any situation where classrooms or schools are having to shift between distance learning and in-person learning. However, I want to point out we have a number of things that are going on that this could happen at times. Not as a system, but with classrooms or schools or groups of students.”

Gist said the factors are: a teacher shortage (including a substitute teacher shortage), the fact that only 15% of students 12-17 are vaccinated, and the 17,000 students who are too young to get vaccinated now.

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