Switzerland Legalizes 3-D Printed At-Home Assisted-Suicide ‘Pods’

Australian doctor Philip Nitschke has announced that 3-d printed devices that are being coined “euthanasia pods” — a coffin-like device that makes assisted suicide accessible for nearly anybody and without medical intervention — will soon be available in Switzerland. Nitschke has said his purpose for making the devices is so that anybody can commit suicide with little medical assistance.

Insider reported Monday morning that Swiss outlet Swiss Info announced that “‘Sarco’ machines — 3D-printed capsules designed for use in assisted suicide — have passed a legal review and can now operate in Switzerland.”

“Prototyped in the Netherlands by Dr. Philip Nitschke, the coffin-like Sarco capsule should be ready for operation in Switzerland in 2022, he told the outlet,” Insider added. “While the Swiss assisted-dying sector’s approach requires the ingestion of liquid sodium pentobarbital, Sarco can provide a peaceful death without using controlled substances.”

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