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Abortion-Plus? Proposed Constitutional Amendment in Vermont Would Create ‘Reproductive Autonomy’ Right

Vermont’s proposed amendment to the state constitution would give abortion more permanent legal protection than anywhere else in the United States. The question is: How much more might it do? “Under this, if it’s passed I have no idea how we would protect an unborn child from anything,” said Mary Beerworth, executive director of the…Read More

Federal LGBT Employment Guidance ‘An Outrageous Overreach’ One Lawyer Says

Recent federal LGBT nondiscrimination guidance for employers goes far beyond the law, one legal and religious freedom expert told CNA. “This is an outrageous overreach compared to what the Supreme Court said [in Bostock v. Clayton County],” said John Bursch, senior counsel and vice president of appellate advocacy with the group Alliance Defending Freedom, in…Read More

Pot petitions face pushback from medical marijuana advocates

Two initiative petitions to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma have divided the state’s burgeoning medical marijuana community. Some of the state’s most vocal medical marijuana supporters see the petitions as a threat to their newly legal way of life. Some medical marijuana supporters oppose the specific petitions. Others shun the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana…Read More