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Eighty-two percent of voters would back different political party over education platform: Poll

The vast majority of U.S. parents would consider voting for another political party on the basis of shared education values, a new poll found. Commissioned by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and conducted by the Harris Poll, the survey found that 82% of parents would be willing to support a candidate from another…Read More

Tennessee Gov. offers Hillsdale college funding for 50 charter schools

Tennessee GOP Gov. Bill Lee has invited the private conservative Hillsdale college to open 50 charter schools in his state that will teach so-called “anti-woke” curriculums. The offer for Hillsdale, a liberal arts college with about 1,500 students in Michigan, to use public funds includes $32 million for charter facilities. Hillsdale developed the “1776 Curriculum,”…Read More

Agreement means equitable funding for Oklahoma students

The State Board of Education has voted to settle a longstanding lawsuit by requiring that public charter schools be funded on an equitable basis with their traditional public-school counterparts. The agreement provides that charter schools will now receive per-pupil funding from local property taxes based on student enrollment, just like all other public schools. Board…Read More