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America Magazine Calls out Oklahoma’s unprecedented rush to execute 25 people

In Oklahoma, 25 death row inmates have been placed in an execution queue that extends from August 2022 through Christmas 2024. If the plan survives court challenges and public resistance, 58 percent of the people on Oklahoma’s death row, “including multiple prisoners with severe mental illness, brain damage, and claims of innocence,” will be put…Read More

Oklahoma death row inmate Richard Glossip challenges conviction again as execution looms

Death row inmate Richard Glossip is scared, his attorney said Friday. The inmate filed a new challenge Friday morning to his conviction, coincidentally just hours after his execution was set for Sept. 22. He claimed again he is “factually innocent”. He also claimed prosecutors intentionally destroyed evidence, his trial attorneys were ineffective and he is ineligible for…Read More

Independent Investigation Finds ‘No Reasonable Jury’ Would Have Convicted Death Row Inmate Richard Glossip

Oklahoma Death Row inmate Richard Glossip’s quest for freedom continued Wednesday when a cadre of lawyers and lawmakers assembled in the Oklahoma House of Representatives Press Room to present the findings of a new independent investigation into his case. Glossip has been on Death Row for 25 years for the 1997 murder-for-hire of his boss,…Read More

Catholic leaders decry federal judge’s ruling on lethal injections

Catholic leaders expressed disappointment with a June 6 ruling by a federal judge in Oklahoma calling the state’s three-drug lethal injection method constitutional. The ruling enables the state to move ahead with executions for more than two dozen death-row inmates who were plaintiffs in a case arguing against the lethal injection drugs and requesting another…Read More

28 Oklahoma death row inmates could be executed over next two years after judge’s ruling

A federal judge on Monday rejected a legal challenge to Oklahoma’s execution protocol, ruling it does not violate a constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. The decision clears the way for the state to carry out as many as 28 executions by legal injection over the next two years. Up first could be convicted…Read More

OKC archbishop calls for end to death penalty in state amid court decision affirming its constitutionality

In response to a federal court decision affirming the constitutionality of Oklahoma’s death penalty protocol, Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City on Monday called on state lawmakers to end the death penalty. “No matter the decision of the court on Oklahoma’s protocol, the use of the death penalty only contributes to the continued coarsening of…Read More

Lawyers hope new evidence can stop Texas woman Melissa Lucio’s execution

During hours of relentless questioning, Melissa Lucio more than 100 times had denied fatally beating her 2-year-old daughter. But worn down from a lifetime of abuse and the grief of losing her daughter Mariah, her lawyers say, the Texas woman finally acquiesced to investigators. “I guess I did it,” Lucio responded when asked if she…Read More

Supreme Court rules death row inmates can receive prayer and touch during execution

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Texas must allow a death row inmate to have a pastor pray over him and touch him as the prisoner is lethally injected, setting a broader precedent for religious rights of incarcerated individuals. The high court ruled 8-1 in the decision , determining that the state of Texas’s arguments…Read More