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Gov. Kevin Stitt signs bill requiring K-12 library books to meet ‘community standards’

A bill to regulate content in school libraries crossed the finish line Friday as Gov. Kevin Stitt signed legislation requiring books to adhere to “community standards.” House Bill 3092 dictates that both print and non-print media in school libraries be age-appropriate and follow “community standards.” However, the bill does not set guidelines for those standards or include penalties for those found to be outside…Read More

The New Politics of School Choice

Jessica Bagos is the kind of mom who may be on the verge of transforming K–12 education. “I grew up in public schools, and I’ve always been a proponent of the public-school system,” she says. Then came the Covid-19 lockdowns. The public schools closed in Royal Oak, Mich., the Detroit suburb where she lives. When…Read More

Movement to ‘Fund Students Instead of Systems’ Hits 21 States

West Virginia legislators have introduced a bill to secure direct funding to students through Education Savings Accounts (ESA). Education Savings Accounts allow parents to use money set aside for their child on many different possible approved K-12 expenses, including private school tuition, technology, home tutoring, and online schools. Garrett Ballengee, executive director of the Cardinal…Read More