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Gov. Stitt: Drug cartels have no place in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma legislative session opened Monday, and Governor Stitt promised residents that he’d be cracking down on illegal marijuana farms. With 6,100 marijuana farms currently licensed with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, spokesman Mark Woodward said there’s no doubt that legalization has changed the landscape of the state. “Noises, lights and smells and criminal activity…Read More

Bill proposes ban on foreign businesses buying OK land

A state senator filed a bill that prohibits foreign-owned businesses from buying land in Oklahoma, saying foreign interest in the state’s marijuana industry is a primary concern. Sen. Warren Hamilton, R-McCurtain, filed Senate Bill 1469, which states that all foreign ownership of Oklahoma lands is prohibited. “As Oklahoma’s marijuana industry continues to grow, we’ve seen…Read More

Oklahoma lawmaker files legislation to modify medical marijuana laws

An Oklahoma lawmaker has filed legislation to modify medical marijuana laws. On Wednesday, Rep. Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, announced that he plans to file legislation that will modify the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Waste Management Act. “When medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma, it basically created a ‘Wild…Read More

Oklahoma’s booming medicinal marijuana business has been accompanied by issues during rapid growth according to State Bureau of Narcotics

Marijuana is Oklahoma’s ballooning cash crop, and its industry’s growth in the state may surprise you. Over the last year up until the end of November, medical marijuana brought in around $138 million in revenue. Another thing is it’s easy for people to start grows and businesses in the industry compared to other states. There…Read More

Second petition filed to legalize recreational cannabis in Oklahoma

Oklahomans could see on the ballot this year competing state questions to legalize recreational marijuana. A second initiative petition to legalize recreational marijuana use in Oklahoma for anyone 21 years or older was filed Tuesday with the secretary of state’s office. Campaign spokeswoman Michelle Tilley said this measure is a new version of a recreational cannabis initiative petition she helped with two years…Read More

Illicit marijuana in Oklahoma: ‘You probably don’t even understand the magnitude of it’

A lot of new pickup trucks are kicking up dust on rural Oklahoma roads. The drivers, in many cases, are not familiar to longtime locals and seem to prefer it that way. Stories abound of strangers showing up with bundles of cash and paying far above market rates for farmland that’s quickly converted to marijuana…Read More