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Michigan judge blocks prosecutors from enforcing abortion ban

A Michigan judge approved a temporary restraining order that blocks prosecutors from enforcing the state’s 1931 abortion ban, according to a news release from the Michigan Attorney General’s Office. Oakland County Judge James J. Cunningham issued the temporary restraining order Monday, Aug. 1, the AG’s office said. It prohibits local county prosecutors from criminally prosecuting…Read More

Michigan bishops urge respect for law as governor sues to overturn abortion ban

After the Michigan governor sued Thursday asking a court to find that the state constitution includes the right to abortion, the state’s Catholic conference urged that the state’s laws, and judicial precedence, be respected. “It is unfortunate that the judicial branch is being used to try to invalidate a longstanding policy approved by elected representatives…Read More

Case closed: Catholic nonprofit can keep its doors open to serve thousands of vulnerable MI children

To resolve a lawsuit that Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed on behalf of Catholic Charities West Michigan, state officials have agreed the child welfare provider can care for children according to its religious beliefs without government punishment. As part of a stipulated court order and judgment, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services conceded…Read More

Catholics must reject attempt to enshrine abortion in Michigan’s constitution

While we are still several months away from election season, there are already several citizen-led ballot initiatives being proposed in Michigan. Of these initiatives, there is one of particular concern for Catholics and all people of good will: a proposal to include “a right to abortion” in our state constitution. This initiative, led by Planned…Read More

Michigan Parents and Lawmakers Launch Petition to Give Kids School Choice

An advocacy group called Let MI Kids Learn is aiming to get 340,000 signatures to put a school choice initiative on the ballot before Michigan voters – after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, D-MI, vetoed the legislation. “The passage of this legislation was a test for Governor Whitmer: she could stand with families and children, or she…Read More