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Abortion-Plus? Proposed Constitutional Amendment in Vermont Would Create ‘Reproductive Autonomy’ Right

Vermont’s proposed amendment to the state constitution would give abortion more permanent legal protection than anywhere else in the United States. The question is: How much more might it do? “Under this, if it’s passed I have no idea how we would protect an unborn child from anything,” said Mary Beerworth, executive director of the…Read More

Catholics must reject attempt to enshrine abortion in Michigan’s constitution

While we are still several months away from election season, there are already several citizen-led ballot initiatives being proposed in Michigan. Of these initiatives, there is one of particular concern for Catholics and all people of good will: a proposal to include “a right to abortion” in our state constitution. This initiative, led by Planned…Read More

Iowa lawmakers advance constitutional amendment to exclude ‘right to abortion’

Lawmakers in Iowa this week passed a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the state constitution which would exclude a “right to abortion” or to public funding for abortion. House Joint Resolution 5 would amend the Iowa state constitution to clarify that it “does not recognize, grant, or secure a right to abortion or require…Read More