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Union parent sues district, alleging failure to protect daughter from bullying

The mother of a Union High School student is standing up for her daughter. She filed a lawsuit against the district, claiming Union Public Schools failed to protect her daughter from repeated bullying. “I don’t want any more attention on my daughter,” the mother told NewsChannel 8, asking to remain anonymous for her daughter’s safety.…Read More

Tennessee Gov. offers Hillsdale college funding for 50 charter schools

Tennessee GOP Gov. Bill Lee has invited the private conservative Hillsdale college to open 50 charter schools in his state that will teach so-called “anti-woke” curriculums. The offer for Hillsdale, a liberal arts college with about 1,500 students in Michigan, to use public funds includes $32 million for charter facilities. Hillsdale developed the “1776 Curriculum,”…Read More

Parental Rights in Education Bill Passes Florida Senate

The Parental Rights in Education bill passed Florida’s Senate and is now awaiting Governor Ron DeSantis’ signature. The bill, which critics call the Don’t Say Gay bill, will prohibit teaching about sexual orientation to children in kindergarten through third grade. Senior Research Fellow for the Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society, Jay…Read More

School Choice Ranks With Abortion For Oklahoma GOP Voters

For years, Oklahoma Republican voters have prioritized pro-life advocacy when choosing which GOP candidate to support in a primary. But a new poll shows support for school-choice policies now ranks alongside abortion for state Republicans. “On the whole, Oklahoma Republican primary voters are more supportive of school choice than say they are pro-life,” wrote Pat…Read More

The New Politics of School Choice

Jessica Bagos is the kind of mom who may be on the verge of transforming K–12 education. “I grew up in public schools, and I’ve always been a proponent of the public-school system,” she says. Then came the Covid-19 lockdowns. The public schools closed in Royal Oak, Mich., the Detroit suburb where she lives. When…Read More

Alarm bells sound coast-to-coast over troubled schools

As the Washington Post put it this week in its detailed report on the state of American education, public education is facing a crisis of epic proportions. Most people knew that long-shuttered schools and hurriedly assembled remote learning programs would harm student achievement. The emerging data confirms our worst fears. According to the Post, one…Read More

Op Ed: Real Accountability To Parents Trumps Fake AccountabilityTo Government

Oklahoma passed a major expansion of one of its school choice programs this year, and the education special interests aren’t happy. They’re signaling that they’re about to try the same futile gambit they usually try after this kind of major legislative defeat: fake “accountability” that takes away parental control. Expect this effort to fail in…Read More