Tax-credit scholarship program could shape north Tulsa’s future

According to 2017 data from the National Center for Education Statistics, African-American males have the lowest four-year college graduation rate in the country. Crossover officials note obtaining a bachelor’s degree is one of the strongest predictors of economic stability. But in the north Tulsa community surrounding Crossover, just 15.3 percent of residents have a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

Abode and other officials at Crossover are working to change not just education statistics in north Tulsa, but the community’s future. Crossover Preparatory Academy’s mission statement declares the school “is committed to restoring our community by developing educated, godly men who love north Tulsa.”

The school pursues that goal with an emphasis on both academics and character development. A typical morning session begins with a leader asking, “What does a Crossover man do?” The students respond en masse: “A Crossover man accepts responsibility.”

But the school and its students face two major challenges.

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