Tennessee Governor Signs Bill Creating Penalties For Schools That Don’t Follow Biological Sports Rules

Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee signed a bill that would create penalties for public schools that don’t follow the state’s rules regarding biological males competing in girls’ sports. 

Lee signed the measure last Friday, which states that the Tennessee Department of Education would withhold state funds from local school districts that do not establish what a student’s sex is in order to take part in middle school or high school sports, according to the Associated Press. The legislation reportedly did not clarify how much state support would be withheld. The law is set to take effect on July 1.

Last year, Lee signed a bill to “preserve women’s athletics and ensure fair competition” by separating sports by biological sex determined at birth. 

The bill said that students must prove that their sex is the same as what is on their “original” birth certificate. If that documentation is not available, the parents have to provide another form of evidence “indicating the student’s sex at the time of birth,” per the AP.

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