Texas Churches Promote Abortion, Vow to Defy New Pro-Life Law

After a new Texas law banned abortions after six weeks of gestation, a number of pro-abortion Christian organizations joined abortion industry leaders like Planned Parenthood in promoting the crime.

“The churches, known as ‘Reproductive Freedom Congregations,’ are united in their public support for a woman’s right to an abortion and are determined to ‘take God back’ from the religious right,” according to The Blaze:

The initiative was spearheaded last week by the religious group “Just Texas: Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice” with the aim of training pastors on how to preach on reproductive health issues from the pulpit, the Religious News Service reported.

The pro-abortion church campaign is not spontaneous, but was funded and planned ahead of time in anticipation of the pro-life law taking effect in Texas.

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