Timetable to resume executions pushed back by Oklahoma attorney general’s office

The Oklahoma attorney general’s office has pushed back its timetable for resuming executions, telling the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals that the Oct. 7 date requested for death row inmate John Marion Grant is too soon to meet state requirements.

In a brief filed on Friday with the court, Attorney General John O’Connor said Corrections Department procedures require that an inmate be given 35 days notice before execution and that Oct. 7 would no longer be appropriate. O’Connor originally requested the date on Aug. 25, which would have allowed for compliance with the 35-day requirement, but the appeals court did not respond.

The attorney general asked Friday that Grant’s execution date now be set for Oct. 28 or Nov. 18 and that dates be set for six other executions at three-week intervals to allow for potential clemency hearings.

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