Trump White House official calls on Stitt to grant Julius Jones clemency

Mercedes Schlapp, the White House Director of Strategic Communications under Trump, called on Governor Stitt to spare Julius Jones’ life. “We are pleading, praying for the Governor of Oklahoma to make the right decision,” Schlapp said.

“I think it’s really important to be able to bring in the people who know Julius and can talk about what he’s going through,” she said.

Stitt, it should be noted, has met with the Howell family, but refuses to meet with the Jones family.

Schlapp interviewed Minister Keith Jossell, who has been Julius’s spiritual advisor since Julius was 19.

Jossell called the murder of Paul Howell “senseless” and “a tragedy”, but noted that Julius “was not there” when the murder happened. “He was actually at home with his family,” Jossell said. “They were getting ready to celebrate his birthday.”

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