University of Iowa to pay nearly $2M to lawyers for Christian student groups in religious liberty cases

The University of Iowa will pay close to $2 million in attorneys fees to a religious freedom legal organization that represented two Christian student groups that sued the college for violating their right to free exercise of religion.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty represented Business Leaders in Christ and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in lawsuits filed against the University of Iowa for deregistering the two groups over their leadership policies. Now, after the student groups emerged victorious in federal court, the university has been ordered to pay nearly $2 million in attorney fees to Becket.

Business Leaders in Christ, represented by Becket, filed a lawsuit in 2017 after the university deregistered the group for requiring its leaders to adhere to a biblical definition of marriage.

The move prohibited the group from operating on campus and it was barred from receiving student activity funding.

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