US bishops commend HUD plan to allow homeless shelters to serve on basis of sex

The US bishops’ conference on Friday applauded the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s proposal to allow single-sex homeless shelters to serve only those whose biological sex aligns with that of their residents.

The proposal would reverse an Obama-era rule that requires single-sex homeless shelters to accommodate clients based on their gender identity.

The bishops issued a statement Sept. 11 highlighting the dignity of all people searching for emergency housing.

“Our Catholic faith teaches that housing is a universal and inviolable right of all persons because it is necessary to live a genuinely human life. This right must be available to all people. Housing is more than a market commodity, it is a basic social good,” they said.

The statement was signed by Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City, chair of the US bishops’ domestic justice committee; Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami, chair of the religious liberty committee; and Bishop David Konderla of Tulsa, chair of the marriage subcommittee.

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