‘We’re a team’: OSU partners with Catholic Charities of Eastern OK to aid Afghan refugees

Oklahoma State University has been inundated with offers of help as word has spread about a plan to house Afghan refugees on the college campus.

OSU is partnering with Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma to help resettle Afghan refugees who fled Afghanistan after the collapse of its government. About 25 refugee families are expected to arrive on campus in November, said Randy Kluver, OSU’s associate provost and dean of the School of Global Studies and Partnerships.

Taking each family’s size into account, he estimates there could be more than 100 refugees that will soon make their home at OSU-Stillwater.

“Once the announcement went out across campus, it was just overwhelming the number of responses that came in to help,” Kluver said.

He found the positive response encouraging.

“We’ve had hundreds of students get in touch with us. Some of them said ‘I can’t help with money but can I move furniture,’ ‘Can I help watch kids?’ ‘What can I do?’ Student organizations have said, ‘What can we do?'” Kluver said. “It’s taken me the better part of two days just to wade through all the emails from people who want to help.”

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