With Dobbs on Horizon, States Continue to Ramp up Pro-Life Legislation in 2022

Reports surfaced last week that Justice Samuel Alito’s draft majority opinion that was leaked overturning Roe v. Wade is still the only one circulated inside the Supreme Court, giving great hope to pro-life advocates around the country.

The action by states to advance pro-life legislation only further shows the claim that “Roe is settled law” is nothing but an abortion industry narrative—there is nothing settled when elected officials heeding the call of the American people results in pro-life action on hundreds of pieces of legislation.

According to our research, as of April 21, 42 states have introduced a total of 417 pro-life bills (or bills containing at least one pro-life provision) in 2022 or the current legislative session. This includes 273 bills introduced in 2022, and 144 bills introduced in 2020-2021 for the current legislative session. These bills contain a total of more than 600 pro-life provisions.

Twelve states have enacted 15 pro-life bills in this period. With nearly half of the states still in session, these numbers will surely grow.

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